Create personalized and tailored decks without lifting a finger
Built directly into Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint
Use your own brand templates to ensure decks are always on brand
"Our sales team are now creating highly personalized decks based on marketing's templates in minutes rather than hours"
Chief Revenue Officer at top-VC backed company
Built with experience from
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Automated presentation creation
across your entire business.

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Built by Top Operators and PhD-level Computer Scientists from
Our Product
Transform your decks into automated templates instantly.
Meet the new enterprise standard for  slide decks.
We make it lightning fast to create personalized and tailored slide decks that follows your brand guidelines.
As easy as GPT
Use AI to automatically pull in the right logo, summarize key findings and find the right talk-track for your meeting
100% compatible
Works magically with both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint
Always. On. Brand.
Give your team access to your best assets while making sure they're always following your brand guidelines
Enterprise superpowers
We integrate with your company's data stores (CRM, etc.) to incorporate company-specific information in the document such as branding guidelines, prospect information, etc.
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Use cases
Continuously deploy new slides and brand guidelines across your company in seconds.
No more aligning text boxes or bugging your design team for slide designs. From sales and customer success team to strategy consultants, we empower your team to spend more time on the important stuff.
Tailored content
Use AI tailor the deck to the prospect by summarizing pain points, finding logo, etc.
Sales decks
Automatically populate slides with tailored befor/after scenario, and client references, saving time and tailoring each pitch
Tailored content
Generates charts and Identifies areas for improvement based on customer data
Quarterly Business Reviews
Generate customer reports and highlight key success metrics within seconds, streamlining QBR presentations
Tailored content
Highlights achieved goals and identifies areas needing improvement
OKR decks
Effortlessly track progress against OKRs, automatically update visuals, and present achievements in clear, data-driven slides
Tailored content
Gathers market research data (e.g., market size, competitor analysis) from various sources
Market analysis
Leverage AI to analyze market trends and competitor data, automatically generating insightful slides for informed decisions
Tailored content
Generates status reports with visuals of project progress (e.g., Gantt charts, burn-down charts)
Project Management
Generate status reports with real-time project data and progress visuals, keeping stakeholders informed with minimal effort
Tailored content
Analyzes internal and external data (e.g., market research) to identify key strategic insights
Strategy Analysis
Summarize key strategic insights and data points, creating compelling presentations to communicate your vision effectively
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